Pokemon Sword & Shield [PRO]

This GamePack was designed for Cronus Zen by the Collective Minds ModPass team.


The Pokemon Sword & Shield [Pro] GamePack features Gamepack Setup, Shiny Egg Chaining, Advanced Shiny Chaining, Auto Roto Loto, Max Raid Watt Generator, Single Release, Box Release, Auto Interact, Box Surprise Trade, Easy Cycle, Auto Spin, Easy Turbo/Hold.

GamePack Author: Collective Minds ModPass team Compatible Systems: Nintendo Switch GamePack Community Support: Click Here 👈Questions, Help, Requests.... Cronus Zen Private Discord Server: Click Here👈Visit the #rules channel

🥇 Special thanks to our Collective Minds ModPass team.

Download the Manual in PDF Format (See Link Below)

Video Guides

GamePack Setup

Shiny Egg Chaining

Advanced Shiny Chaining

Auto Roto Loto

Max Raid Watt Generator

Single Release

Box Release

Auto Interact

Box Surprise Trade

Easy Cycle

Auto Spin

Easy Turbo/Hold


If you are experiencing unstable performance or settings issues with your GamePack, it's likely that the configuration profile has become corrupted. This can sometimes happen when updating to a newer GamePack version with major structural changes, or using a memory slot that already had a pack previously programmed to it.

Simply go to Device 👉 Erase Memory Slots, unplug the Zen mini-USB cable, go to File 👉 Relaunch as Admin, reconnect the mini-USB cable to the Zen and program the GamePack again. You will now find the Mods are working as they should😃

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