Getting Started

Everything you need to know about how to configure, program and use a Cronus Zen GamePack.
32Bit GamePacks: Click here if you are looking for the instructions for the brand new 32bit GamePacks. In case you didn't know, they even have WEAPON AI now!

What are GamePacks?

Don't know how to code? No experience with GPC scripting? Need a full set of mods for your favorite game without any complicated instructions that are guaranteed to work? Introducing GamePacks....
GamePacks are pre-configured mods created by a team of expert gamers from senior members of the Cronus Community. There are also a number of special edition GamePacks (highlighted in Zen Studio as [PRO]), exclusively written by the famous Collective Minds' Strike Pack team.
Community experts not only implement feature requests, make improvements and fix bugs reported by the awesome members of the Cronus Community, but they really do spend hundreds of hours playing the most recent titles and unlocking incredible exploits, each engineered specifically for that game!

Getting Started

GamePacks are available to download directly in the Zen Studio software. The GamePack Configuration Interface (or GCI), gives easy access to each MOD and the ability to activate them with a simple click, along with multiple options that you will eventually be familiar with as you become comfortable with your MOD playing style.

How to Program a GamePack

Open Zen Studio, click on the Programmer tab, then simply select the GamePack you want from the list on the right and drag it to an empty memory slot. Once programmed to the Zen, there's an advanced menu system displayed on Zen's OLED Message Screen that gives you direct access to each MOD option and adjustable values such as speed and power while you are playing the game, in real-time, without being connected to a computer.
Once the GamePack is programmed to your Zen, select the correct memory slot by pressing the P1 button which is the blue button to the right of the OLED screen - you will see the logo of the GamePack with instructions how to enter the GamePack Menu System (For example the Community Pack Menu Quick Toggle is: Hold LT/L2 & Press MENU/OPTIONS)
Watch this video to see how easy it is to download & program a Zen GamePack
If you require support for any of the GamePacks, there is a dedicated support group for every pack, and the developer of those packs answers your questions directly.
Note: Our most popular Community GamePacks have their own live support channels on the Cronus Discord Server with thousands of Cronus users available 24/7.

Controllers vs Mouse & Keyboard

All GamePacks are primarily designed to be used with a controller. Mouse & Keyboard will work as the Zen interprets them as controller movements, however the sensitivity settings will be very different in most cases. Also note that in any game, the sensitivity settings are also quite different depending on the platform (PS4 and PC settings will be different for example).
There are some mods that are simply not effective when using a Mouse instead of a Controller, Aim Assist is a good example. Click here for a detailed explanation.

GamePack Support

If you require assistance with a GamePack, have a feature request, or have a bug to report, we have setup an individual support community for every single GamePack. The link is provided at the top of each pages introduction; here's a screenshot to show you where:
We get a lot of users who do not read these instructions and ignore all GamePack test/report procedures. Please note that if you do not post a GamePack request or bug report in the correct place or in the correct format as instructed, it will likely not be addressed. Do not be offended if Support Staff reminds you to read this section of the instructions.