☑️Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Includes Easy Attack ( Light Attacks, Heavy Attacks, Both Light & Heavy Attacks), Aim Assist, Easy Assassin, Easy Ability, Easy Dodge, Easy Sneak, Auto Sprint and Hair Triggers.

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We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Hood Outlaws and Legends®, Focus Home Interactive, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official Hood Outlaws and Legends® website can be found at www.store.steampowered.com/app/927350/Hood_Outlaws__Legends/.

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The Hood: Outlaws & Legends GamePack includes Easy Attack which allows you to choose from Light Attack, Heavy Attack, or even Both, Other essential is Aim Assist which can be adjusted live while playing the game.

Also includes mods that are specially designed just for Hood such as Easy Assassin, Easy Ability, Easy Dodge (Dodge in any direction you choose), Easy Sneak, Auto Sprint, and Hair Triggers.

Also Includes Bumper Swap (Swaps LT/RT with LB/RB) and Stick Layout Swap Sticks.

This GamePack is split into color-coded categories that makes setup and organization easy to follow and understand. There are also video setup walkthroughs, which you can find on our YouTube Channel. We do encourage you to familiarize yourself with the written instructions before jumping into videos, it will pay off for you in the long run.

There are two methods to setup and configure Mods in this GamePack, the first being the GamePack Configuration Interface (or GCI) and the second is the Zen OLED Menu System.

The GCI either pops up every time you program a GamePack to a memory slot, or when you click on the memory slot number in Zen Studio. This is a really quick way to setup all your preferred defaults from the get-go.

It's very important that you setup your mouse before trying to use any GamePacks or scripts.

The Zen OLED Menu System is a new groundbreaking feature that allows the configuration and tuning of dozens of different Mod modes and combinations, on-the-fly and in seconds, all from an easy to read OLED interface. Once you have programmed this GamePack to a memory slot it must be enabled and active. This is done by pressing the Memory Slot Button (P1) until the logo of the GamePack you wish to use appears on the OLED screen.

When you see the logo of this GamePack displayed on the screen, simply hold LT/L2 & press MENU/OPTIONS to access the Mod Menu System.

All Adjustable Mods can be tuned and tested in real-time directly from the Zen GamePack OLED Adjustables Menu.

The Zen OLED Menu System has built in screensaver protection to help protect against screen burn. It will kick in after 3 minutes of inactivity. Press any button to return to the Mod Menu screen.

Quick Toggles allow you to access the OLED Menu System and instantly enable/disable active Mods while gaming. This gives an incredible advantage in certain situations.

Note: When a Mod is disabled, any associated Quick Toggle is also disabled.

These are all of the settings required for the Mods to function correctly, and they also allow you to dramatically improve the quality and accuracy of your character's movement.

With this Mod you are able to swap LT/RT with LB/RB (Swapping Triggers for Bumpers) or use the default Button Layout

  1. Press the MENU/OPTIONS button on your controller


  3. Swap the Bumpers with the Triggers.

Match this setting to your In-Game Stick Layout.

  1. Press the MENU/OPTIONS button on your controller


  3. Swap the Right Stick with the Left Stick

This option blocks all rumble signals sent from the game, but still allows the GamePack to read in-game rumble frequencies which is used by several mods to measure timing. The In-Game Controller Vibration option must always be enabled.

This step is critical. If you don't enable In-Game Controller Vibration, several Mods in this GamePack may not function correctly.

  1. Press the MENU/OPTIONS button on your controller



Aim Assist is a common feature for console shooter games to compensate for the deficiency of using a controller. Most games' Aim Assist will snap towards the target if you're close to it keeping you on target.

It tricks the In-Game Aim Assist to be always on by using an exploit that moves the cross-hairs around the actual aim point in a shake pattern, so when the target is moving it fools the game into thinking you're tracking with the target and it will pull the cross-hairs along with it. However, this is only available for about one second after you take your shot.

Aim Assist Adjustable Values

Aim Assist Strength: Adjustable (1 - 100): This sets the strength that is applied to the Aim Assist which will make your crosshairs shake.

Light Attack will constantly do light attacks, Heavy Attack will do constant heavy attacks, Both will do a light attack followed by a heavy attack when you hold down the attack button.

When you get close to multiple enemies hold the assassinate button to easily take them out.

After you release the attack button it will activate the ability you have chosen so you can continue with the ability attack.

This will come in handy in many situations when wanting to dodge your enemies. Left will dodge left when you press left with the analog stick, Right will dodge right when you press right, and All Directions will dodge in any direction with the analog stick you press except forward.

This mod can be used with Easy Sneak and Auto Sprint.

Always On: You will crouch unless the walk button is pressed 50 percent, Press Sensitive: You will crouch unless the walk button is pressed over 90 percent.

This mod can be used with Auto Dodge and Auto Sprint.

This category hosts a whole range of incredible mods which are added due to their usefulness and popularity.

If you are tired of constantly pressing the left analog stick to make your character sprint, Auto Sprint is just what you have been looking for. Always On: Sprint when the walk button is pressed over 50 percent, Press Sensitive: Sprints when the walk button is pressed over 90 percent.

This mod can be used with Easy Dodge and Easy Sneak.

With this Hair Trigger Mod you can ensure your weapon will 100% full press Fire or ADS at the slightest amount of pressure (10%).

Most games apply a "dead-zone" to the trigger buttons, which means the trigger (either shooting or ADS) needs to be pressed almost half way down before they are registered by the game. This can also have an adverse effect the reaction time of advanced players.

No need to buy expensive "Trigger Stop" add-ons and perfect for all weapons.

When this GamePack is being used on a PlayStation 5 or 4 and detects the connected controller is not a DualSense or DualShock 4, it will automatically reassign Touchpad to the Select/Back/View/Minus Button of your crossover controller so you are still able to utilize the Touchpad functionality on a PlayStation while using a Crossover controller. You can also access the PS5/PS4 Share Screen by pressing Select/Back/View/Minus + RS (Right Stick).

If you are experiencing unstable performance or settings issues with your GamePack, it's likely that the configuration profile has become corrupted. This can sometimes happen when updating to a newer GamePack version with major structural changes or using a memory slot that already had a pack previously programmed to it.

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